Friday, February 27, 2009


Blessed virgin Mary was undeniably one of the most important women for giving us her son JESUS CHRIST who saved us from our sins. I would not be a person now without my loving mother, LORING, who gave me life, cared for me , supported me and gave me that unconditional love. I missed her so much. I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to my mother-in-law, JULING, for her courage and determination in showing her motherly love and support to her children especially to my wife. My sister, YOLLY, who even in our childhood days up to now is extending her arms to help her immediate families. She is such a generous sister. My daughter, ZIGRID LOTUS, who was our first child is regarded as one of the gems in the family. Sad to say that we were not able to give her the best things in the world just like what other parents can give to their children. And finally, ZEDA, whom I love very much though I'm not showy like other men. She is brave and very determine to raise, educate and give her all to my children. She is one of GOD's greatest gift to me. She just keep silent when there are problems. I am very lucky for having her in my life. I can never see someone like her. I just can't pick a word or words to show my appreciation to her. She asks for nothing. Lastly, for these women closest to my life .......... I LOVE YOU.

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