Friday, February 27, 2009


Blessed virgin Mary was undeniably one of the most important women for giving us her son JESUS CHRIST who saved us from our sins. I would not be a person now without my loving mother, LORING, who gave me life, cared for me , supported me and gave me that unconditional love. I missed her so much. I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to my mother-in-law, JULING, for her courage and determination in showing her motherly love and support to her children especially to my wife. My sister, YOLLY, who even in our childhood days up to now is extending her arms to help her immediate families. She is such a generous sister. My daughter, ZIGRID LOTUS, who was our first child is regarded as one of the gems in the family. Sad to say that we were not able to give her the best things in the world just like what other parents can give to their children. And finally, ZEDA, whom I love very much though I'm not showy like other men. She is brave and very determine to raise, educate and give her all to my children. She is one of GOD's greatest gift to me. She just keep silent when there are problems. I am very lucky for having her in my life. I can never see someone like her. I just can't pick a word or words to show my appreciation to her. She asks for nothing. Lastly, for these women closest to my life .......... I LOVE YOU.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This 2010, people will again go to the precinct to vote for the next President of the Philippines. People are always hoping that someone will emerged as a better highest officer of the land but actually they are not interested to vote because they think that the next president will be like the past officials. Lack of confidence is the name of the game. They are not excited because for them it will be the same story- boring, no beautiful ending. In the (SONA) State of the Nation Address: I promise to do all these for my country and my people.I will get rid of graft and corruption and I will do everything to make this nation great. DEBT OF GRATITUDE is one cause of poor governance by posting some who support his/her campaign during election. The Philippines is composed of 7,100 islands. It is rich in natural resources but where do these resources go. Are the Filipinos benefited? Who can give shelter to millions of people who are squatters in their homeland? Who can create jobs for them? When will violence end or somewhat minimized? When will our Muslim brothers and Christians live peacefully with each other? When will human rights be not violated? How many lives will again suffer in this coming election? Actually, the salaries of the executive officer and other elective officials are not so big but why are they spending lots of money during election even risking lives? I salute the government officials in Japan, if someone is accused of doing wrong, that official resigns, here, someone will just say, I DON'T DO THAT. PROVE IT. WHEN DO YOU SAY, I AM SORRY. The answer I think is when you do something wrong. PRESIDENT RAMON MAGSAYSAY WAS A GOOD PRESIDENT OF THE LAND. NINOY AQUINO if given a chance, I think can be a better one. Dr. JOSE RIZAL said the youth is the hope of our fatherland but how many youth were born after his death who will be our hope; the Filipinos are always hoping but no one seems to come. Who will be this PRESIDENT who will dedicate his life for the greatest good for the number of people. Someone whose legacy will remain. Who is that MAN? Who is that great leader we are waiting for?


One bright day on the month of September, just few months before Christmas an individual came out to see what's in the world for her. She was still innocent and needed extra care. For a new flower you have to nourish her. She brought happiness to me, my wife and every member of the family. Every attention is made for her to grow fast. We have to sacrifice everything and watch her grow. As she grew, we taught her to love GOD, her country, her parents and sibling and respect for others. LOTUS was educated to learn more in many fields not only what is taught at home. This time, she is ready to face and tackle all the challenges in life. She is at the right age to make decisions of her own. She is our contribution to the citizenry of the PHILIPPINES and the world. We are very proud of you, darling. You are one of GOD's greatest gift to your mom, your brother and me. GOD bless you, LOTUS. We love you so much.


The Filipinos (not all) have passion for cockfighting; breeding cocks to choose an opponent in the cockpit arena. These birds may be locally bred or cocks imported from the United States. It started from early people up to the present generation. Cocks are carefully given extra attention and conditioned well before being brought to the arena to fight. The bird owners bet thousands or even million of pesos for his cock. But do you know that in the cockpit arena, everyone trusts each other by sign language only betting certain amount to a cock which may be the favorite or underdog. After each fight, you were paid if you choose the winning cock but you will pay if you lose. They understand each other by hand language only. For all you know, people from all walks of life come to the arena especially during SUNDAYS and when there are derbies. That hand sign is a verbal understanding not a written contract on gentlemen's agreement; I will pay you if I lose on my bet but you will pay me if I win. I hope politicians are like cokfighters who gentlemanly accept defeat and do their promises to everyone.



Do you know that here in the Philippines there is a brand of beer that is a world class quality. Of course, every Filipino knew it. SAN MIGUEL BEER has a good taste which every beer drinker would appreciate. It is one of the products of one of the most successful corporations in our country, the SAN MIGUEL CORPORATION. It is a pride of the Filipino people. It can compete with other beerst in the world. To tourists and foreigners, why don't you try this beer. You will enjoy drinking it. It is highly recommended. While you are here, try also to eat our Balut, it is a fertilized duck in the shell with nearly developed embryo. It is tasty and nutritious. But be health conscious, drink and eat moderately. Okay. Have a nice drink.